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MODELS / Izan Loren

Avg Rating: 4.4

Izan Loren Vital Stats:
Cock Size:  7.5" / 20 cm
Role:  Dominant
Date of birth:  17 - 10 - 1996
Height:  5'10" / 177 cm
Nationality:  Spanish

Izan Loren was born deaf, which we have to admit is not something we can say about many porn stars. He admits, however, that in many respects this particularly sensory loss means that his other senses - particularly that of touch - is significantly heightened, and has arguably allowed him to enjoy sex more than most. Besides, being deaf hasn't ever stopped him from getting more than his fair share of cock and cute twink ass; and he loves nothing better than taking part in orgies, sex parties and fucking horny young pups!
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Twink slut visits master to get his hole drilled Izan Loren , Jhonny Montero
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